Thursday, March 31, 2011


A Tale of Three Kings, written by Gene Edwards and published in 1980, is a study of brokenness, based on the life of King David. The three kings include David, Saul, and Absalom.

Though as a young teenager, David was anointed as future king by Samuel, it remained a family secret.  However, when the young David defeated Goliath, it became apparent to all that David was destined for the throne.  Even King Saul recognized the greatness in David, but quickly his admiration for the young man turned to anger, wrath, and hate.  Saul spared no effort to kill David.  And David responded with love and respect for the king -- God's Anointed.  And though Saul was brought into vulnerable situations whereby David could easily take the king's life, David withheld revenge.

Later in David's reign as Israel's king, his son, Absalom, initiated an insurrection against his father, and declared himself king.  David had a decision to make -- will he treat Absalom the way Saul treated himself.  David's decision was to remain as David and not become a Saul.

The application of this small book relates to a large contemporary issue -- how will Christians respond to leaders who demand respect while withholding respect to others.  I see this as a real issue when the business/CEO model is creeping into ministry.  And the danger of hurt and brokenness is upon both those who lead and those who follow.

A good friend recommended this book to me and I am grateful for his advice.  And in turn, it is my privilege to commend to my readers this meaningful volume.

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