Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Loaded and Cocked

The title of this writing project is taken from a great book and two great movies -- True Grit.  Early in the story line, Reuben J. (Rooster) Cogburn is asked by the defense lawyer Goudy concerning how he and another deputy marshall approached the Wharton's who were suspected of murdering a couple earlier that day. Goudy says, "The gun was pulled and ready in your hand?" Rooster's answer was, "Yes sir."  Goudy prodded by asking, "Loaded and cocked?"  Rooster then said, "If it ain't loaded and cocked, it will not shoot."

As humorous as Charles Portis makes that interchange, I have thought how that applies to folks who know the gospel.  Paul mentored his young friend, Timothy, to "Preach the word.  Be instant in season, out of season."  In other words, be "loaded and cocked" and ready to share the story that will make an eternal change.

In the posts to follow, I intend for the season to always be in, and to be loaded and cocked.  I hope to include devotional thoughts, reviews of books I am reading, and stories that may be of interest to folks who love their families and friends.

I hope you enjoy!


Jere and Cara said...

Dad-I love it! It's AWESOME :)

Jack Gilliland said...

I also enjoy the flavor of "when you grab the tail of an alligator, you have to be ready for commitment" ( Milton Cowling ). Good blog Mo!

Sarah said...

Looking forward to reading more, Dad!

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